At Blossom we strive to do everything we can to enable our customers to deliver outstanding software products and services. This is what makes us get up every morning.

The key ingredients to building great software are focus and alignment. During the last few decades the software industry continuously worked on identifying better ways to deliver great software.

One such effort, the Agile Manifesto was written over 14 years ago. Since then the software industry largely moved from waterfall to more adaptive planning and management concepts.

By now Scrum, an Agile framework is the dominant approach to plan and organize software projects. But the times are changing …

  • Distributed teams
    It is more common to work in a globally distributed fashion across many time-zones
  • Cross-functional teams
    Designers, Engineers, Marketers are working on the same projects
  • Faster iterations / distribution
    While software used to be adapted and shipped once every few weeks we now ship new versions multiple times a day
  • Companies that never built software before are starting to
  • Focus on user experience
    While user experience was considered nice to have in the past it is now an essential part of a successful product
  • Systems that weren’t connected in the past are getting connected now

Scrum is slowly falling apart and we need to find better ways to organize software projects. The web is full of articles on Agile and Scrum that were written for a different time, directly applying advice from those resources can be harmful or even cause your project to fail.

This is why we’ve created this collection of resources on what we see as the best practices for organizing and managing modern software projects and teams.

We’ve developed this material together with our customers and during our time building Blossom. I hope these resources will be useful to you, save you some nerves and help you navigate out of apparently doomed situations.

This is for you. To go on and build great stuff.

Thomas Schranz, CEO & Product at Blossom