How to create a Minimum Viable Product feature

Why should I care?

Being able to quickly build a small part of a feature and validate it with customers can help your team build the entire feature without wasting effort developing software that won’t be used.

What is a Minimal Viable Product?

A minimum viable product (MVP) of a software feature is the core of the feature. Only once the core of the feature is developed and validated with customers, are extra parts of the feature considered to be developed.

The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else.

 Eric Ries

Teams can focus on building what customers want by using feedback in the development process.

Creating MVPs of features can be achieved by splitting user stories. Using feedback from core features shipped to customers, teams can decide whether to continue with the rest of the feature or to pivot and develop something else.

How to create a MVP


Find the core of your feature

Split user stories that comprise a feature


Iterate with feedback

Use customer feedback from the core feature you shipped to decide what to develop next

What to watch out for

  • MVPs that aren’t really MVPs (i.e. contain non-core features)
  • Not using customer feedback to direct future development
  • Only using customer feedback to direct development (i.e. not using other forms of research)

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